Pet Wellness in Little Silver, NJ

For a healthy adult pet, we recommend a visit to our clinic 


Since pets age at a much quicker rate than humans, these visits will become increasingly important in early detection of any changes in their health. 

Our hospital offers treatment for many conditions that can affect your pet. Wellness visits entail a thorough physical exam and all recommended immunizations and can include routine laboratory testing when needed. Our doctors and technicians attend continuing education every year to stay informed about the newest medical concepts and treatments. We offer standard medical treatments as well as integrative medicine, including acupuncture, laser therapy, and herbal medicine, to give our clients a variety of options from which to choose. When you come in for an appointment, your veterinarian will discuss which option may be the most beneficial for your pet.


At Little Silver Animal Hospital, we can keep your pets happy and healthy by utilizing the following:

The physical exam is a very important aspect of your pet’s wellness. This is when the doctor evaluates the entire pet using his or her hands, eyes and ears. It includes: an eye exam with ophthalmoscope, an ear exam with otoscope and a heart and lung exam using a stethoscope. Other points evaluated are teeth, skin, coat, vitals, body condition and joints. Doctors also use their hands to palpate the abdominal contents. Veterinary physical exams, on average, uncover three additional concerns than what is known by the pet owner. So make sure to bring your pet in for his or her regular physical exam appointments. 

Our clinic is equipped with a full pharmacy ready to dispense the medicine your pet needs. If we do not carry a particular medicine, we can special order it for you or provide a written prescription so you can pick it up at a local pharmacy if there is a human comparable product. We also have the ability to compound your pet’s medication into a flavored liquid form. Many pet owners find it difficult to administer a pill to their pet, which can lead to unintentional non-compliance. Ultimately, this can delay your pet’s healing and possibly allow the condition to get worse. With this service, we can create your prescription in an appealing liquid form with many options of flavor types.

Our clinic provides the most updated in-house laboratory testing systems to provide vital information about your pet in a prompt manner. Our equipment can produce results within 30 minutes of submitting the sample, thus enabling us to initiate treatment for your pet as quickly as possible.

Our in-house lab can perform tests for complete blood counts, full chemistries, electrolytes, and complete urinalysis. Other in-house testing will be available as we continuously update our equipment. We also use a commercial laboratory for routine testing that provides your pet’s results within 24 hours of submission.

Good dental hygiene is as important for pets as it is for humans. It’s common for some of us to avoid going to the dentist for two to three years. If you skimp on dental care for your pets for this long, it’s the equivalent to them not getting a comprehensive dental exam, mouth X-ray, or teeth cleaning for 14 to 21 years! While this may not sound alarming to some people, ensuring your pets receive proper dental care—via home care and annual dental exams—is essential, as it protects them from periodontal disease and can even add years to their lives. At Little Silver Animal Hospital, we encourage pet parents to schedule yearly dental exams for their pets. Read more about dental care here>

During the exam process, another important aspect of wellness care is educating clients. Together as partners, we can ensure your pet receives all that he or she needs to live a long and quality life.

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