Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats
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One of the best ways to ensure your pet remains happy and healthy throughout their life is making sure they remain up to date on their vaccinations. Vaccinations can help protect your pet and prevent the spread of serious illness or disease to you and your family. At Little Silver Animal Hospital, we can administer cat and dog vaccinations according to you and your pet’s lifestyle to ensure maximum protection.

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How Do Dog and Cat Vaccinations Benefit My Pet?

It is crucial to your pet’s health that they receive the vaccinations appropriate for their species. All dogs and cats should receive vaccinations regardless of whether they are “indoor” or “outdoor” pets. Dangerous viruses can be unknowingly brought into your home or spread through other pets and become fatal if left untreated. Certain diseases may not present visible symptoms, which means protection is vital to your pet’s well being.

Vaccines We Offer

Cat and dog vaccinations may vary based on species; however, every vaccine plays a crucial role in protecting your pet’s health and quality of life. Your veterinarian can make recommendations for which vaccines are best for your pet based on their lifestyle.

Below are the vaccinations we offer:



All domesticated dogs must receive the rabies vaccine by law. This deadly virus can heavily affect the brain and spinal cord of all mammals, including dogs and humans. We recommend this vaccine be given once every three years to ensure proper protection.

Otherwise known as kennel cough, this condition can affect your dog’s respiratory system. The initial dose is administered through your puppy’s nose at their first visit and then an injectable vaccine is given four weeks later. The subsequent vaccinations will switch between an intranasal and an injectable dose.

This dog vaccination protects against a variety of diseases including canine distemper and parvovirus. We recommend dogs receive this vaccine one year after they’ve completed their final puppy shots, and then once every three years following.

This bacterial disease causes liver and kidney damage and can potentially become fatal if not treated. Both humans and pets can become infected through direct contact with infected wild animals, lepto-infested water, or infected urine. We recommend administering this dog vaccination every year to ensure you and your pet are protected.


This vaccination protects cats from a range of diseases including feline viral rhinotracheitis and panleukopenia. These diseases affect your cat’s respiratory and gastrointestinal systems and can be detrimental to their health. We strongly recommend pets first receive this kitten shot when they are six weeks old. After your cat receives their initial kitten shots, we will administer a booster vaccine one year later and then once every three years after that.

The rabies vaccine is strongly recommended for your feline companion as it can affect the brain and spinal cord of humans and cats alike. We will administer this cat vaccination once at 12 weeks old and then every subsequent year in the Purevax® form.

Feline leukemia attacks your cat’s immune system and may cause various cancerous conditions including leukemia. Visible symptoms may not appear until months or possibly years after the initial infection. We recommend cats receive this vaccine at nine weeks old, one year after the second series of kitten shots, and then every three years after that.

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