It is Flea & Tick Season Again

flea and tick infographic
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We have always taken parasite control very seriously at Little Silver Animal Hospital and it is flea & tick season again. This year the Companion Animal Parasite Council’s latest forecast for Heartworm and Lyme Disease just reinforces the need to protect your pets throughout the year.

Each year the options for flea & tick control change and improve. We have found that consistent compliance is the best method of protection.

Some Flea & Tick Control Options:

Heartworm for Dogs

Flea & Tick for Dogs

Flea & Tick for Cats

All of the products listed above have manufacturer rebates or discounts available and are carried by us at LSAH. We have other heartworm and flea & tick products available in our new online pharmacy if you wish to look into other options.

The most convenient combinations for protection for your dog is the Prohart Injection with a Scalibor Collar or two 12-week doses of Bravecto for 6-month control.

We can tailor parasite control for your individual needs. All veterinary approved heartworm and flea/tick medications are available to you between our in-house products and our online pharmacy.  You have the option of purchasing 6 months, a year or even individual monthly doses.

PSA from Dr. Yacowitz:

We take such good care of our pets but we also need to take care of ourselves.  I’ve had Lyme disease, and it’s no fun, but I still enjoy time in the woods and working in the yard.  I use DEET or Permethrin spray on my shoes, pant legs and hat.  I don’t wear shorts.  At the end of the day, I put my clothes directly in the dryer for 15 minutes on the hottest setting.  The washer does not kill ticks.  Only after the dryer do the clothes go into the washer.

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