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We are very happy to announce that we are now allowing limited clients into the hospital. Though we are excited to finally get to see each of you in our facilities again, there are a few rules and protocols we will be following:

  • One person may accompany their pet into the hospital for exams with the doctor. 
  • When you arrive, please call or text to let us at 732-842-8266 know you are here to check in. 
  • Please wait in your car and we will call to let you know when the doctor is ready for you to come in.
    • If you prefer to stay in your car, just let us know and we will accommodate you.

The following appointment types are still curbside only at this time: 

  • Technician appointments 
  • Surgical and in-patient testing/radiology check in and release appointments 
  • Grooming drop off and pick ups 
  • Houndstooth 
  • For these appointment types please call or text us to check in and one of our team members will be out shortly to bring your pet into the hospital. 

If you are coming to the hospital for food and medication pick up: 

  • Please call or text us when you arrive 
  • A team member will process your payment 
  • Your food or medication will be placed outside the first door. 

We do ask that those who are unvaccinated wear a mask when coming in or interacting with our Team. 

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